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Dec 05, 2013

The 5+1 most lucky lottery numbers for Mega millions

The 5+1 most lucky lottery numbers – optimized for the new 5/75 + 1/15 setup – for Mega millions are:

2 4 11 33 53 + MB: 8

Why are these the most lucky numbers for Mega millions?

Since October 18, 2013, Mega millions was changed to a 5/75 + 1/15 game, from a 5/56 + 1/46. That is a major change and it had a great effect on everything that was built on past results. But let’s give it a try to optimize the most lucky numbers to the new setup.

So, what should we consider as a lucky number? In case of lottery, you are lucky, when you win. The more you win, the more luckier you are. It’s the same with the numbers. The more times a certain number hits the jackpot, the more luckier it is. In case two or more numbers hit the jackpot the same amount of times, the luckier is the one, who won more money.

For example:

In case of Mega Millions, number 2 and number 11 participated in a winning set 4-4 times. However, we consider number 2 luckier, as it won $936 million, compared to number 11 that won $722 million.

So, here is the list of the numbers that earned the most during the 48 times when the jackpot was it in the past 416 draws.

We hesitated whether 23 is better than 11, as 23 won over $1 Billion, but it only won 6 times, and we think that hitting the jackpot 8 times is luckier than hitting it “only” 6 times. But you can pick your own lucky numbers as you wish. Here is the list.

The main number Won this many times The total jackpot amount it won
2 x8 $936 million
4 x10 $1,629 million
11 x8 $722 million
15 x6 $687 million
22 x7 $619 million
23 x7 $1,133 million
24 x6 $664 million
31 x5 $885 million
33 x8 $620 million
36 x6 $609 million
38 x3 $691 million
43 x5 $749 million
46 x4 $809 million
53 x8 $463 million

Let’s look at what Megaball numbers turn out to be the most lucky lottery numbers:

Megaball number Won this many times The total jackpot amount it won
1 x2 $278 million
4 x1 $319 million
8 x2 $472 million
12 x6 $327 million

So, if you are looking for the most lucky lottery numbers for Mega millions, these lucky lottery numbers might come interesting. Indeed, you can either sign up on the top of the page to follow this article and its updates.

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